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About Us

Generation Fruits Sdn Bhd

Let's Enjoy the Tastiness of Tropical Fruits!


Generation Fruits started way back in 2011, and are located in a local ‘Pasar Borong’ a.k.a a flea market right here in Selayang. Back then, people flock to our humble little stall to enjoy some of the best fruits our climate has to offer.

Our founders love tropical fruits and believe that quality tropical fruits can help increase the well-being of our society and bring happiness all around.

It is within our core to help more people enjoy the wonderful taste of tropical fruits. That’s why we strive to be the best at what we do – and that’s supplying high-quality tropical fruits at great prices every day!

Why choose us?


At Generation Fruits, we’re adamant when it comes to your satisfaction. That’s why we pride ourselves to be able to supply ample fruits to fulfil your demands with consistency. When you order with us in huge quantities, expect us to return the flavour with free deliveries to the venue of your choice!

Direct From Farm


Our farmers will go to all different farms to collect the fruits and start deliver to our customers. All the fruits will be deliver on the same day as collection to ensure freshness and quality of the fruits.

Fresh & Quality


We provide consultation to collaborating farmers on how to maintain the quality of the fruits. All of our customers will received fresh fruits as they will received the fruits direct from farm.

Quality Assurance


To meet customer needs efficiently, a total service culture is established of our fruit which includes product quality, sales, marketing, and administration.